Peer Review System Evaluation


The NPRC Peer Review System Evaluation (PRSE) is a proven method for breathing life into a complacent peer review system.

The PRSE is a comprehensive, objective assessment of the operation of a hospital's overall peer review system. NPRC's expert reviewers examine every detail of the peer review process to identify breakdowns and provide the hospital with the information and recommendations that ensure that the peer review system is effectively monitoring quality of care.

The PRSE provides hospital boards and administrators with objective, third party evidence that the hospital's peer review system is being evaluated and monitored in compliance with their fiduciary obligation to ensure patient safety. In the current environment that includes governmental investigations for substandard or unnecessary care and court-imposed liability for negligent credentialing, third party assessment provides proof that the hospital is fulfilling its obligation to proactively monitor quality and practices.

How It Works

The NPRC PRSE starts with a review of relevant data generated by and for the hospital's peer review system. With this foundation of knowledge, the NPRC reviewers then conduct an onsite assessment that includes interviews with key medical staff, administrative personnel, nursing staff, support staff, and technical staff. This is an essential part of the process that often yields important facts that are not always apparent from the written documentation.

Based on this combination of data and information gleaned from multiple perspective within the hospital, a three-dimensional picture of the hospital's peer review system is formed and objectively examined by NPRC. This expert analysis is clearly detailed in the NPRC Report, which describes the current operation of the peer review system, any deficiencies noted within the system, and workable recommendations for closing the gaps to increase quality of care and patient safety, as well assist the hospital in avoiding liability.

NPRC is also available to assist the hospital in implementing the recommendations set forth in the NPRC Report of the PRSE.

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