Peer Review by Hospital Employed Physicians


As more and more physicians become hospital employees, many hospital are electing to have “external” peer review performed by a hospital-employed physician at a hospital within the same system. It’s an economical alternative that makes sense, but only if the report provides the necessary information in a manner that hospital decision-makers can rely on to make these important decisions.

National Peer Review Corporation’s Peer Review by Hospital Employed Physicians is the way to achieve both quality and economy. While relying on the expertise of the hospital’s physicians for clinical findings, NPRC’s experience in providing high quality peer review reports will ensure that:

  • All relevant issues are noted and considered
  • The reports provide an appropriate and consistent level of detail
  • The focus remains on the issues within the peer reviewer’s expertise
  • The content and format of the report is clear, well-written, and minimizes any ambiguities

Of course, when unquestioned objectivity and nationally-recognized experience in a specialty is appropriate, NPRC’s panel of highly credentialed peer reviewers continue to provide hospitals with the “gold standard” for peer review. But, recognizing that peer review is conducted at many levels, the NPRC Peer Review by Hospital Employed Physicians is a cost effective way of putting our experience in your peer review reports.

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