Disruptive Provider Review


The NPRC Disruptive Provider Review demonstrates not only that the hospital is willing to take action against disruptive behavior as required by the Joint Commission, but also minimizes the serious internal repercussions often generated by this type of investigation.

Hospital investigations of allegations of disruptive behavior by a physician are rarely clearcut. Typically, during the course of a disruptive provider review, questions arise regarding what constitutes disruptive behavior, how long the behavior occurred, and how to appropriately judge the impact and severity of the behavior on patient care and staff morale.

NPRC’s professional consultants provide an expert, objective assessment of a physician’s conduct and analyze its impact on patient care and outcomes, as well as the hospital’s working environment. In one document, the NPRC Report of a Disruptive Provider Review, the hospital has the information needed to decide what, if any, actions are needed to provide a safe environment for its patients and staff and protect itself from potential litigation.

The authoritative NPRC Report of a Disruptive Provider Review avoids the potential internal wrangling and finger-pointing that often brings a review of disruptive behavior to a standstill.

Specifically, the NPRC Report of a Disruptive Provider Review provides:

  • an Executive Summary that concisely encapsulates the findings of the NPRC Report
  • a synopsis of the relevant information obtained by NPRC from hospital records and, if requested, an on-site investigation relating to the physician's conduct, including details of disruptive conduct incidents, if any, their causes, targets and the circumstances surrounding these incidents
  • a finding of whether there is objective, clear and convincing evidence of disruptive conduct, verified by a physician expert in disruptive conduct by physicians
  • a finding of whether the conduct of the provider adversely affects patient care, verified by a physician expert in patient safety

The NPRC Disruptive Provider Review provides the hospital with objective, comprehensive evidence of disruptive conduct. Based on this evidence, the hospital can confidently take the action necessary to provide a safe environment for other physicians, staff and patients.

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