National Peer Review Corporation (NPRC) is a privately held company that has been providing external peer review services for more than 40 years. As partners in the business of securing high quality patient care, NPRC and hospitals have successfully improved patient outcomes and peer review systems across the country.

NPRC offers a variety of expert, objective peer review services to assist hospitals in assessing quality of care issues.

NPRC's peer review services are unique in their scope and expertise

In addition to highly credentialed physician peer reviewers with active medical practices, NPRC consults with an array of distinctive professionals to ensure that each type and level of review results in a thorough and objective evaluation. Our reviewers include experts in clinical and department review, peer review system evaluation, professional conduct review, interview techniques, data analysis and project management.

Each NPRC Report is also reviewed by NPRC’s staff and legal counsel. This additional level of professional review ensures a report that definitively assesses patient safety and liability issues and provides the hospital with an unambiguous basis for determining if additional peer review action is necessary.

Armed with the NPRC Report, the hospital and medical staff can confidently make decisions and minimize the expenditure of financial and political resources.